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Sinn Féin - 1984 EE
Sinn Féin - 2007 GE (Women)
United Left Alliance - 2011 General Elections
Programme for Government - 2011, FG and Lab
All Parties - 2011 General Elections
Christian Solidarity Party - 1997 General Elections
All Programmes for Govt. from 1989 to present
Labour - 1994 Euro Elections
PDs - 1992 General Elections
Fianna Fail - 1992 General Elections
Fine Gael - 1992 General Elections
Democratic Left - 1992 General Elections


Welcome to the Irish Election Manifesto Archive. This is simply a collection of as many Irish political election manifestos as I can find.

All manifestos here are either viewable as a flash object in your browser, or downloadable as a PDF, and remain the property of the authoring party. They are categorised by election or by party.

Unfortunately, the collection is mostly limited to after the 1992 General Election. If you have any manifestos (in any format, or even printed), we'd love to have them. Just click the contact button at the top of this page, and drop me a line.


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